Live With No Regrets

To live with no regrets, what does that actually mean?

If you ask my 18 year old self, I would've answered you with a bunch of silly and ridiculous statements like party hard while you're young or you only live once so drink it up and dance like nobody's watching. Yeah, I know, maybe you would've answered the same thing too. But as I grow older, and as I began to see more of what life really is outside the box, I realized what living with no regrets meant for me. 

A lot of things happened in my life and it opened my eyes to the fact that life is too short so I should spend as much time with people who truly means the world to me, to tell them that I care as long as I can, to show affection and compassion, to let them see the world through my eyes and to let them stay in the deepest hollows of my heart. To live with no regrets, to live in honesty and integrity, to work hard for the future without compromising your present, to stay happy and well grounded. And most of all, to believe in love, live in love and to give love, every single day of your life.

On me:

Dress from Angel Fish Resort Wear | Sandals from Terrys Shoes

Fairways Blue Water Resort, Boracay Island, Philippines

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