Ribs, Chicken & Beer at Gringo UP Town Center

My love for food is yet again, spoiled by another awesome restaurant! Ribs, Chicken plus beer? I'm in!
I am clearly not one of those girls who eats salad and hors d'oeuvres on a date. I'm the type of girl who eats a lot - and I mean A LOT. I love burgers, fries, rice and drinks like beers or when I'm feeling a little crazy I order a glass of margarita or sangria! :)

I recently discovered Gringo and I of course, had to try their new beers! They have new additions to their beer flavors and I was so intrigued that I had to go to their UP Town Center branch, where they have a cool bar and I tried a couple of beers. Truly the best way to end my week!

I ordered Ribs with two side dishes: corn and fries! Plus a glass of sangria. And Giles ordered Chicken with mashed potato and cajun rice. The meals were so good. I honestly couldn't finish my plate because their servings are huge. So worth it!

Giles and I enjoyed bonding and talking about life over beers and the nachos that came with our dishes. We loved the ambiance of the restaurant and of course, the food!!!

My beer had a caramel-ish flavor and it's very light and smooth. I love the texture of the beer 'ika nga nila, swabe ang lasa. :) Perfect for girls especially if you're not much of a beer fan, you should at least try this one out 'cause the taste is just subtle and not too bitter.

Visit Gringo at UP Town Center to try their latest beers. They have a great bar there and the bar tender is really nice. :) They also have a branch in SM Megamall.

For more information follow them on Instagram: Gringo PH

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