Silk Jumpsuit


2017 has been going by too fast that I can't believe were approaching the summer season here in the Philippines already. It feels as if it was just yesterday when I was enjoying the chilly weather in Antipolo, sipping coffee at 4 pm, cuddling in a huge sweater and appreciating every ounce of cold air that hits my skin. Suddenly, everything's back to being bright and warm. As beautiful as the flowers blooming in every garden, the sun shines so bright and brilliant.

Just like the year approaching too fast, the trend seemed to keep up with it. Known for its fast paced world, the fashion industry yet again came up with the latest sartorial pieces that are perfect for the new season. New styles that will surely make their way into every girl's closet. But still, here I am, taking the last chance I could get to wear this silk jumpsuit before I start wearing floral and bright colors again. :)

It looked so good and feels so comfortable that I just had to wear it for a fun random date with the boyfriend. As we walked around, looking for a nice and quiet coffee shop, I can feel the fabric softly and comfortably touching my skin. Moving around was so easy that I even ran around and played with the neighbor's dog.

Jumpsuit from Shop Fashion Friday 

I guess I really love days like this where I can be free, at ease and in peace.

With love and serene,


  1. That's a gorgeous jumpsuit! I love the colour.

    Marta -

  2. This outfit is gorgeous! I love the colour of the jumpsuit! x