L'Oreal Rouge Magique Collection


I can never leave the house without having two or more lipstick in my bag. 

I love playing with different shades and matching it with my whole make up look. For a kikay girl like me, lipstick is one way of expressing yourself & your mood. You can go for a sweet & dainty look, a simple & natural one or even a rebel and rock-ish type. It all depends with your mood and how you want people to perceive you on that particular day. :)

I have a huge collection of lipsticks from drugstore brands to high end ones and I bet I'm not the only girl who keeps their make up kits filled with different shades of lipsticks to ensure they're ready for any look and any outfit. :p Raise your hands fellow lipstick lovers! 'Cause I got great news for you. :) The new L'Oreal Rouge Magique collection is our new staple product for instant matte and quality lipsticks!

I truly enjoy switching shades each day because of how pretty and wear-able these lippies are! My personal favorites are of course, ALL of them. Hahaha! :D

I have been using shades: The Fort & Cafe De Flore

Join the #OneSwipeIntenseMatte bandwagon and start using these L'Oreal Rouge Magique Lipsticks now, you'll never know when your smile can change the world right? :)

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  1. These lipsticks look gorgeous!I especially like the look of the ones in the last photo!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡