20 Years of CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice


Our favorite milk tea and juice store just celebrated their 20th Year Anniversary! :) I have always been a fan of milk tea and fruit teas. So when CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice invited me to celebrate their anniversary at their SM North Edsa branch, I instantly said yes!

It was an afternoon of delicious drinks, scrumptious snacks and funny conversations with my blogger friends. We also got the chance to hear out some of their endorsers and my favorite influencers: Kaila Estrada and Camille Co. I enjoyed the Panda Milk Tea, their best seller!! It was so refreshing and ultimately delicious. My friends and I bonded over trading our drinks and tasting every beverage we could get our hands on. LOL! :) I most certainly enjoyed the chill and cozy ambiance of their store.

These drinks are the perfect thirst quencher for everyone this summer! :) I can't wait to bring all my family and friends so they get to try these too. #TeaParty

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  1. Waaah, this is my fave ate Tesle!!! Love their drinks so much πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…
    IG: @samanthabiolena