How To Do Summer with Cream Silk


The Cream Silk #SummerHairExpert event with Kim Jones at SM The Block last May 4, 2017 gave me so many ideas on how I want to spend the rest of my summer vacation.
I love how my favorite blogger, Kim Jones shared to all the guests how she spends her vacations and she even shared details on how she takes her photos! But more importantly, Kim Jones and my favorite blogger-host Nicole Anderson shared how they take care of their hair especially with this scorching heat!

Because of the unbearable Manila heat, I tie my hair in a bun ALL THE TIME even when it's still damp after showering because I find it really annoying to have my hair down while I'm feeling sticky and sweaty (yes, even after I shower, right after stepping out of the bath room actually!) And then I noticed how dry and frizzy my hair is, in between coloring, ties and styling.

The event showed me the best and easiest way to get my hair back into its normal phase and I don't even have to spend thousands at my favorite salon!!! :) The Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue protects and nourishes the hair and it helps keep it shiny and soft. It is a daily treatment conditioner that has the three expert treatments: hair spa, keratin and hot oil. You get all these treatments in one bottle! :)

So girls, make sure to take care of your locks and give it a powerful treatment without having to break a bank using the Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue Conditioner.

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