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As fashion evolved into a much wider pool of trendy and bold pieces, one trick *for me* that never goes old is to ensure I get the perfect shapes and sizes for clothes.
Growing up, it was really difficult to fit in and join the rest of the crowd. I was always the tallest and the thinnest among all the girls in my high school which made it harder for me to figure out what I really wanted to wear and who I really wanted to portray (Hollywood/Celebrity wise). Some girls could throw in a nice and short black dress that would fit them exquisitely while I struggle to find the right size of jeans that wouldn't go above my ankle (also known as bitin jeans #tallgirlprobs) and one that would also fit my waist (back to my skinny days!). It's still a struggle for me somehow today, so I always resort to wearing skirts, dresses and shorts instead. Another thing that I consider is how my outfit would stand out, I love clothes with different and unusual cuts because they make life easier when it comes to wearing unique yet fashion forward pieces. Aside from *mostly* shopping from US brands to ensure my sizes are just right, I usually go for local stores who customize. Especially when I want a specific design, style and cut, I make sure to have it made specifically for my size.

One local online store that caters to that need is called Spruce MNL. Aside from the wide array of designs to choose from, I also got to pick the color of the fabric to be used. I usually go for the basic colors such as white, black, nude and light pink because they are easier to pair with anything plus I can always mix and match then wear them again. #OutfitRepeat!!! :p

I ordered two different fashion ensembles that best represents me and my kind of style: classic and comfortable. Classic, in the colors of black and white. Plus comfortable, because they fit just right. I personally recommend this store for those who struggle to find the right size at regular physical stores like me. :)

Clothes from Spruce MNL| Shoes from Marcha Ballerina Philippines

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman." - Coco Chanel

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