It's Pink!


If it isn't obvious, I love Pink just as much as I love Barbie and dressing up.

 I have a pink door, a pink dresser and even pink curtains in my room. :) I grew up playing dolls and dressing them up, when I went to Fashion school, my love for fashion and style grew even more. One of my favorite pieces in my closet is this Givenchy Tote Bag. I must say it's perfect because I can put everything in it and still look absolutely stylish. All my stuff fits perfectly in this bag and I can still be my girly self.

Outfit Details:

Top from Anne & Kit | Jeans from Topshop | Bag from Givenchy Official | Shoes from Marcha Ballerina Philippines


  1. Amazing outfit. Pink looks really nice on you. I was never a big fan of tote bags but that one is so cute!

    Marta -

  2. Love the outfit. Pink is your color!!

  3. Yaaaas ate, Pink is lifeu! 💖 I really love how you dresses. So chic and fab!!! 😍
    IG: @samanthabiolena