My Pink Audley Headphones


They say listening to someone's playlist will tell you so much about their soul because it expresses more than our own words can ever comprehend. Behind everyone's favorite song is a story to tell and that's so true. My favorite song is Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope. I never actually thought that a whole song could ever explain how I've been feeling. I can relate to it so much.

I grew up in a household who adores music (and karaoke!) so badly that we could dance around the house while doing chores and stay inside a car for more than four hours without long conversations, just plain good 'ol 90s music playing. Music has been my guilt free therapy since I was a kid. I actually got a fuchsia pink headphones from my Dad on my 18th Birthday and I've been using it for four years now! I figured it's time to get a new one and pass my old earphones to our family computer for everyone's convenience #LOL so I am now using my super duper ultra mega dainty cute Pink Audley Head Phones!!! *insert pink hearts and flowers* 

I love it so much I have been using it non stop!! The sound is perfect, just the right amount and it doesn't make my ears hurt. It's so clear and explicit. It's makes Netflix at night even better. The sound quality is superb, guys! I highly recommend these headphones from Audley Head Phones. Aside from its sound quality, I am also lovin' the sleek and very chic design! Pink with gold on the side? I'm sold! :)

Outfit Details:

Top from H&M | Bottom from Forever 21 | Flats from Marcha Ballerina Philippines | Sunnies from Komono Store Philippines | Watch from Fossil | Sling bag from Topshop

Thank you so much Audley Headphones for making my music experience much, much better!


  1. The headphones look so cool! I love pink as well. I don't really like those small earphones that hurt my ears after a while, those seem super comfortable. And I really like your outfit, those shorts are super cute.

    Marta -

  2. Those headphones look so nice! Are they noise-minimizing/noise-isolating? I'm looking for cheap noise-minimizing headphones that I can use as my study companion. I can hear through most earphones (that are free when you buy cellphones) so i still get distracted whenever I'm around people. Not to mention, earphones make my ears hurt after a few hours of use!

  3. I really love your outfit ate Tesle! And you really got a cool headphones. Love it! ๐Ÿ˜♥️
    IG: @samanthabiolena ๐Ÿ’•

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