The King Of Whopper

Being a huge burger fan myself, I am always on the look out for the newest flavors especially at Burger King since they have a branch literally just five minutes away from our place. Their flame-grilled burgers are amazing and it tastes like the way you'd cook it in your own backyard. That's what flame-grilled burgers are to me, they feel and taste like home. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my Dad would take me and my siblings to the nearby Burger King branch and let us order anything we want and we'd just eat and talk and play there like it's our own place. :)

My personal favorite, is of course the 4-cheese whopper (woohoo! cheese lovers raise your hand!) This burger is filled with four kinds of gooey delicious cheesy goodness atop a perfect and well cooked patty, and between fresh buns.

Last week, we had a 'cheesy' and 'beefy' filled afternoon where we all enjoyed fun activities and games. The launch was hosted by Sam YG who entertained the crowd with his charming and witty jokes. :p The highlight of the event was a special dance from my childhood crush, Billy Crawford who also shared a few cheesy and kilig stories about his relationship with his beautiful wife to be, Coleen Garcia.

I had a lovely time, eating and chatting with my blogger friends. I also learned a thing or two about fun & cheesy lines which I am hoping to use sometime soon...... :p

my comfort food.... *drools*

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