A Timeless Tale

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They say that the greatest thing you can give someone is your time, because you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back. Time is free but it is priceless, no one can own it but everyone can use it. We cannot keep it but we can spend it. And once you've lost it, you can never get it back. 

Sartorial Wishlist: Rosegal

Blair Waldorf is my style icon and even up until now, she's my life peg and my ultimate favorite character. She's the epitome of class, wit and sophistication - the traits which I truly and completely admire. She likes to pair a beautiful vintage midi dress and wear it on top of a pink sweater dress. Whenever I go shopping, I always ask myself if what I'm about to purchase is something that Blair Waldorf would wear or use (#LOL #fangirlmuch?). I like how she casually wears fancy looking dresses and makes every piece of clothing look so expensive. 💞

10 Promises & Thank You's For My Dad

If there's one thing that I'm truly and completely proud of, that would be having a great father to call Dad. People might perceive me as the rude, selfish and self centered child (and I am not denying it. ✌) But what most people don't know about me, is that I sincerely love my family with everything that I have. I'm beyond thankful that my Dad raised and trained us (me & my siblings) to be the kind of people who are filled with passion, perseverance, respect, knowledge and a whole lot of sass. ❤

I Found My True Match!

Did you ever feel like your face is always whiter than the rest of your body because of your make up? Because I always experience that, I noticed that ever since I got back from Boracay Island, it has been difficult for me to find the right shade to match my skin tone perfectly. I have a fair skin color but unlike other girls, my skin is fair in a different way. My skin type is also a concern since I have a combination to oily skin type. And when it comes to products, I can't normally just pick whatever since my skin is quite sensitive and I'm acidic. It's truly a challenge to find make up that can address every concern.

Sunsilk Habacadabra

Sunsilk Co Creations by Dr. Francesca (Scalp Expert) is my new go-to shampoo and conditioner! It is equipped with Biotin to make my hair longer and healthier from roots to tips. I started bleaching my hair last year and I noticed how dry it has been ever since. I actually just gave Sunsilk a try since I know some of my friends are also using it and I wanted to see if Sunsilk can really make my hair grow longer and stronger. Plus it also smells so goooooood!