10 Promises & Thank You's For My Dad


If there's one thing that I'm truly and completely proud of, that would be having a great father to call Dad. People might perceive me as the rude, selfish and self centered child (and I am not denying it. ✌) But what most people don't know about me, is that I sincerely love my family with everything that I have. I'm beyond thankful that my Dad raised and trained us (me & my siblings) to be the kind of people who are filled with passion, perseverance, respect, knowledge and a whole lot of sass. ❤

I normally write about my family but this time I want to write something very special. Since I always write reminders for my Dad and put it on their bedroom door. I figured, why not write something that would remind him of how much I adore him, like a love letter. A digital one. πŸ‘

Dad, I know I can't promise you a world full of rainbows and butterflies but I can promise you these:

  1. I promise to start facing the reality that I am now an adult woman who needs to clean after herself. I will not hire someone to clean my room anymore (unless I'm really, really busy) and I will clean my room more often and ensure that everything is in its rightful place just like how you always remind us. Thank you for teaching us simple lessons that we can use later in life. 
  2. I promise to (try to) lessen the fight with my siblings and other members of the family. Others may say I'm feisty and gladiatorial but we both know I'm just spirited and vivacious. πŸ˜€  Thank you for not losing your temper every time I throw a tantrum, thanks for keeping up with my humor which most people don't always get and thank you for teaching me to always be mindful of other people's feelings.
  3. I promise to cook more. I know how much you love to see me do something other than scroll my phone and watch on my laptop. I know how happy you were and how much you wanted me to see how you appreciate me cooking gyoza for the first time for dinner. Thank you for making me enjoy the little things. πŸ’˜
  4. I promise to always bring myself back up when I experience a set back. I'll never stop trying to make things work and trying to make ends meet for myself. Thank you for teaching me that a person only needs a little to be happy. Simple is better. πŸ’ͺ
  5. I promise to eat healthy and stay fit so you wouldn't have to worry because I wasn't able to drink enough breast milk when I was an infant. You've reminded me day by day and now it's stuck in my head! :D I'll take care of myself like you always take care of me. Thank you for taking care of our family. 
  6. I promise to communicate more often and make sure you know I'm okay. Sorry for making you worry and not calling for months when I wasn't living at home. I know I tend to forget about you when I'm busy. I promise I will never take you for granted ever again. Thank you for always getting a hold of me and making sure my feet stays on the ground even when my head is floating far away. Dreams are dreams but family, is everything. πŸ˜‚
  7. I promise to always make sure you sleep well and wake you up in the couch every night before you drop your phone like you almost always do. :) Thank you for letting me take care of you this time around. πŸ‘Ό
  8. I promise to make you laugh with my jokes and all my crazy antics. I know how much you enjoy them. Thank you for still letting me act and dance around like a child even when I'm almost 22 now. Thank you for understanding my type of crazy. 😏
  9. I promise to keep all the valuable lessons you taught me through the years, I promise to live by them and pass them on to my future children. I'll make sure to raise them just like how you raised me and even better! :) I'll keep everything in my heart so I won't forget them and you. Thanks Daddy for letting me see how much love a father could give to his children and thank you for making me feel that a daughter could love her father just as much. 
  10. I promise to only marry when I'm truly and fully ready. I will only marry a person whom I'm sure will be a good husband to me and a great father to my future kids. I'll marry a responsible, intelligent, funny, hard working, loyal and respectful man just like you. Thank you for showing me what I should and shouldn't want in a relationship. Thank you for showing me how a real gentle man should treat me (like a real Princess of course! Lol) 😁 Thanks for raising me in a complete and happy family. 
Daddy, you are my anchor. I have immeasurable pride in my heart knowing that I was raised by a man like you. I have faith in God no matter how difficult life may seem because I know that I have you and that you are always praying for me. I believe in God because he gave me a father like you. A father I can always count on, a father who makes everything better. I now learned the wisdom to understand a greater purpose in life. A life well lived and well loved maybe not by many but at least of some. πŸ’– 

I endured so much pain with great fortitude to move forward because I know you raised me well enough to know when to quit and when to strive harder. 

I offer my life to you Daddy, to our family, to my future family and most especially to the Lord we believe in. Thank you and Happy Father's Day! Here's to celebrating you for being you!


  1. Such a beautiful post hun!


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  4. You are so sweet ate Tesle! I'm touched and moved upon reading this. ❤️
    IG: @samanthabiolena

  5. Such a sweetheart! I know your dad is so proud of you! :)