Sartorial Wishlist: Rosegal

Blair Waldorf is my style icon and even up until now, she's my life peg and my ultimate favorite character. She's the epitome of class, wit and sophistication - the traits which I truly and completely admire. She likes to pair a beautiful vintage midi dress and wear it on top of a pink sweater dress. Whenever I go shopping, I always ask myself if what I'm about to purchase is something that Blair Waldorf would wear or use (#LOL #fangirlmuch?). I like how she casually wears fancy looking dresses and makes every piece of clothing look so expensive. πŸ’ž
I've created this wish list to share with you guys the 'vintage midi dress' that I'd love to buy from Rosegal and these pieces I'm quite sure I'd be able to wear in any occasion or event. πŸ’›

I hope you guys enjoyed looking at these pieces that I picked out from Rosegal. You can check their website to see more of their stylish items! πŸ’‹ One tip that I want to share when you're picking an outfit for the day is to focus on one particular piece for example a cute printed heels, from there you can start choosing or matching which clothing piece will go along with your heels. It makes things easier for me. πŸ˜€

By the way, I'm leaving for Singapore tonight! If you guys can recommend some restaurants, cafes and places I should visit, please write on the comment below or tweet me at @tesletee


  1. Omg stunning dresses to love!!!! Everything is so beautiful and perfect. Every girl's heart desires πŸ’“
    IG: @samanthabiolena

  2. I love the dresses and heels! So classy πŸ’–