Power To Transform with Cream Silk


Cream Silk, the country's leader in hair care have recently launched their most beautiful transformation yet. Cream Silk launched their newest range of Customized Solutions, meant for Filipinas who likes to address their hair problems accordingly. πŸ’•

Cream Silk has developed their most effective formulation yet, with more than thirty years of hair care expertise, they are truly committed to giving Filipinas the hair products that can help their common hair problems. Cream Silk's new formula, the Advanced Hair Reborn Technology strengthens, replenishes, repairs and takes care of the hair inside out. Along with this new formulation, Cream Silk is also now featuring their endorsers on the packs to show the different kinds of Modern Filipina. πŸ’›

The endorsers are Coleen Garcia (Green - Hair Fall Defense), Nadine Lustre (Blue - Damage Control ), Heart Evangelista (Pink - Stand Out Straight), Yassi Pressman (Orange - Dry Rescue ), Julie Ann San Jose (Violet - Dandruff Free), Rachel Ann Go (Red - Color Protect ) and Pia Wurtzbach (Gold - Stunning Shine). Inspired by their own transformation stories, these beautiful and absolutely gorgeous celebrity endorsers truly represents women empowerment and motivates Filipinas out there to believe that of course, they, too can become the successful and happy women that they can be.

7 Hair Customized Solutions For Every Filipina
The new Cream Silk consists of seven (7) customized solutions, which has specialized formulation to create and transform any hair to beyond beautiful. 
  • Standout Straight
  • Hair Fall Defense
  • Damage Control
  • Stunning Shine
  • Dry Rescue
  • Dandruff-free
  • Color Protect

I've always had shiny and soft hair but because I like to constantly style my hair and color it every three months, my hair now looks really dull and dry. I decided to stop coloring it for a while to let my hair breathe and bring back its normal shine. With the help of Cream Silk Stunning Shine, I have easily achieved to bring my hair back to its normal rhythm. This is the customized solution for me and it transformed my hair into a beautiful, soft and shiny medium length locks. I am also not going to deny the fact that I LOVE PIA WURTZBACH!!!!! hehehe 😁😁😁

You, too, have the #PowerToTransform!


  1. Omg, this Customized Solutions set is super niceeee!!! πŸ’– I really love the blue one, ang ganda sa hair. πŸ’•
    IG: samanthabiolena

  2. I just love the new customized set of creamsilk,im actually a user eversince and i like the blue one 😊😊😊

  3. Avid creamsilk user here!🀚🏻🀚🏻🀚🏻
    Ever since Coleen Garcia and Julie Ann San Jose (Green and Violet) na gamit namin kami sa buong family. Gustong gusto ko yung fragrance niya and yung effect niya sa hair ko. Kaso simula nung nanganak ako hindi niya masyado na prevent yung hair fall ko.πŸ˜” Pero siguro ganon talaga yon, antayin ko lang siguro mga 2years baka bumalik yung dating healthy hair ko.πŸ’•
    IG: michaellafurioloves

  4. Yay creamsilk fan here since elementary days! This was introduced by my mom and I use it everyday. Creamsilk is really made for Filipinas :) My fave is the pink one cause I have a wavy hair