Anxiety Attack on my Birthday


Have you ever wanted to cry but no tears came out, so you just stare blankly into space while feeling your heart break into pieces?

Just like any normal day, I woke up early and checked my phone instantly. I read a few Birthday messages before I put on my head phones and listened to my favorite playlist. After a few songs, I went downstairs and my Dad greeted me happily and kissed me on the cheek. What a great way to start my Birthday. πŸ’˜

It made me so happy and I danced my way to the shower. Lol. 😁 After an hour of preparing, I left the house and silently hoped for a good day. We had lunch at Viking's in SM Marikina, my Birthday tradition. πŸ’“ I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my Birthday than eating my happy heart out! 

I have been planning to watch Julia and Joshua's new movie, Love You to the Stars and Back but never got the chance because I've been so busy. So after eating lunch, I bought tickets to watch the movie and it was UH-MAH-ZEENG. To be honest, the first few parts of the movie made me cringe a little but later on the story got more and more intense and powerful. The movie had too much feels but I didn't want people to see that I'm crying so I held it all inside. I kept all my emotions inside like what I've been doing for the past month or so. (#HUGOT)

It took me an hour and a half to go to Pasig from SM Marikina (ugh, the traffic!) and it gave me an ample amount of time to contemplate and for all the emotions, feelings and whatnot to sink in. I tried not to cry for almost ten minutes when I started to feel anxious, my hands were so cold and I was sweating like bullets. My chest hurts and I was palpitating. After thirty minutes I was feeling nauseous and the left part of my chest was still hurting. I messaged my blogger/nurse friend, Charlene and told her everything that was happening to me including the thoughts and insights that I had in my mind before the incident happened inside the car.

She then, told me to relax and try to breathe deeply. She said that I might be having an anxiety attack and that's when all the tears rolled down. I breathed slowly but heavily, letting all the emotions out. I was still panicking because my chest hurt really bad so I messaged my friends and told them what was happening to me. I wanted to stop the car and buy water because I was feeling thirsty and dizzy too. I can't share yet what was the reason, but it has been bothering me for the longest time and I think, watching the movie triggered a part of me that I have been trying to suppress. Seeing happy couples, young people falling in love and realizing how big the world is made me so emotional. I could barely describe what I was feeling to my closest friends let alone write them down here, a week after. I honestly didn't realize that I was bottling up too much emotion inside that I had to break down like a moving car..... but oh well, it was still a good day! Lol. 

When I got home, a Birthday cake was waiting for me along with a couple of gifts. I drank tons of water, put on my favorite Britney Spears jam and danced my anxiety and worries away. This is, after all, my 22nd Birthday. πŸ˜‰πŸ’› 

This Birthday week is truly one for the books! Here comes a hundred of thank yous. πŸ‘Έ Thank you to my co teachers for the red velvet cupcake! My favorite from Gigi's πŸ’ž

Thank you Salt Bakery MNL for the super yummy Hokey Pokey cupcakes, Salted Egg cupcakes, Malagos Chocolate Revel Bar, Lava Cookie and Brookie. They were absolutely delicious and a perfect gift for every sweet tooth like me! You may visit their store in Katipunan (FB Dela Rosa St. Katipunan Ave, Quezon City) or message 0998 565 2949! 😜

According to my friends, I am the most sweet-obsessed person they have ever met! And these photos can attest to that fact! Thank you from the bottom of my full heart, Kuriiing's Dessert and Pastries for all the goodies you sent me! I got half a dozen of chocolate cupcakes with icing, blueberry and yema cups, Oreo Cream Cheese cookies, cinnamon bread (round), leche flan in three flavors (chocolate, cream cheese and plain), cookies and cream graham float and of course, my favorite S'mores cookie cups!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— Everything was so good especially the cookie cups that my pupils and I devoured during recess. πŸ˜‡ Their store is located in 121 Dona Nieves St. Brgy. San Isidro Angono, Rizal. You can message them here: 09263238238 so if you're from Rizal area and looking for a store to get customized cakes, cupcakes, desserts and pastries don't hesitate to contact them right away! :) Check their FB Page for more details.

For the ones (also like me!!! put your hands up!!!) who likes unicorn inspired-yummy cupcakes, moist bread and cookies make sure to check out Chichi's Pastries! The cookies were a huge hit for the kids (and teachers πŸ˜‚) too!!! :p The bread were so moist and absolutely delicious after heating them again in the oven, uggghh!! Heaven in my mouth!!! 😌😌😌  For orders and inquiries please message or viber 09175310210 or 09175100010 Check them out on Facebook!

I think by now it is pretty obvious that I am a complete and total FOODIE!!! And I think celebrating my Birthday in a food park describes me best!!! Thank you so much, Open Kitchen Food Park for accommodating me and my best friends. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Oh the amount of calories I gained but, who's counting?! Lol. I ate so much food because everything was so good!! I certainly loved the ribs and gyoza, the bear beer, the takoyaki and the shawarma that I secretly hid in my purse. #TesleMoves πŸ˜‹ The place is so huge and super instagram-able! Perfect for barkada night outs, family dinners and even first dates! Lol. Hopefully when I come back....... just kidding!!! πŸ˜ƒ

My friends definitely enjoyed the acoustic singer....I mean, the performance!!! Hahahaha! Kidding aside, he was really good and even sang a few of my favorite songs! πŸ’– If you visit Open Kitchen Food Park in P. Tuazon, YOU HAVE TO TRY THE BEAR BEER (lemon is my new favorite beer flavor!!!!). And you also have to try the Thai Milk Tea flavored ice cream!!!! YUM YUM!!! πŸ˜€


  1. birthday mo kasi kaya siguro lumabas lahat ng emosyon mo, grabe 22 ka pa lang, enjoy mo lang life mo, ang blessed mo nga eh!

  2. Ganyan din aq pag Bday q parang nag paflashback kc lahat ng maganda at mga pinagdaanan natin sa buhay mga problemang nalampasan hehe nakakaemote nmn kc pg bday ntin hehe still a Happy Bday for you πŸ˜€ sarap ng kumain ng sweets hehe katakam nung nkta q sa ig stories mo πŸ˜€πŸ’• #your1stblog@22 😘

  3. Hi next time try our seafood boodle and butterfly squid from seafood squad.. Thank you for coming at open kitchen