This Time, I Choose Myself

Amidst all the talk of new year resolutions and clean slates, I cannot help but feel a little bit overwhelmed. I have been trying to list down all the things that I want and need to accomplish by 2018 but the paper stayed clean and blank. It is undoubtedly unusual for me, being the huge 'planner' that I have always been, it's close to impossible not to be able to think of a game plan that I should focus on for the coming year.

As I try to reflect, I figured maybe there's a bigger picture. And that might be, to not have plans at all. To finally let go and stop trying to control everything. To just let nature take its course. Maybe for 2018, I should just let everything to naturally evolve - career, relationship and life in general. Take the pressure off my back and live each day without worrying about the future. 

So for 2018, I'm letting go... I'm going to enjoy whatever I'm thrown with, the good, the bad and the crazy. I am going to choose myself and my happiness over anyone and anything. I am going to choose kindness as I always have, I'm going to choose spontaneity, I'm going to choose serendipity and above all, I am going to choose love. 

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