The Enchanted Escape of Tesle Telan, is a personal blog that makes you see a glimpse of what her life is all about. Writing, has the biggest influence in her life as a young woman and Fashion has become an expression of who she is and who she wants to become.

She started blogging four years ago but decided to make an official blog here on blogspot last April 23, 2013. She was always fond of reading books, listening to music, dressing up and going out. She sees blogging as a form of escape from the tragic reality therefore she considered this blog as her Enchanted Escape. She believes in fairytales and happy endings despite the bad memories she had of love.

Through this blog, she wants to somehow inspire other people with her expressive thoughts,  honest feelings, beautiful style and fashion sense.

Tesle Telan launched this blog in 2013 and has consistently produced good quality content for her brand covering style, food, travel, life articles and beauty. She has worked with over 50 local and international brands and websites including fashion labels such as Sherry London, Asia Fashion Wholesale, Dresslink, Happiness Boutique, as well as local food brands such as Dear Diet PH, Cake A Break, Torte Felice PH. Tesle is a firm believer of "shopping is the best medicine" and has been called Shopaholic by her friends and family. Join Tesle as she reveals her Shopaholic confessions, her food adventures, and her sweet dreams coming to life.